Hell's Domain

ALBUM OUT NOW!!! Official web trenches for the Danish Thrash Metal band Hell's Domain

A primal roar from the pits…

The Danish thrash metal band Hell’s Domain will release their self-titled debut album on 23. September through the renowned Italian metal label Punishment 18 Records.

With musicians who have previously turned their folds in names like Hatesphere, Exmortem, Grope, Artillery and Koldborn, Hell’s Domain are definitely not unfamiliar faces on the Danish metal scene and their debut album shows that Danish thrash metal definitely has its place in the world of metal anno 2013.

The album’s 11 skull slamming tracks were produced by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Sick of it All, Kataklysm, etc.) and should instantly appeal to fans of Testament, Metallica, Slayer and Exodus. In addition, a cover song – “Sneaking Disease”, originally written and recorded by Crionic, one of the first Danish Thrash Metal bands back in the mid 1980s, were recorded.

The album artwork was made by renowned American artist Ed Repka who is also behind legendary artwork for international acts such as Megadeth, Death, Nuclear Assault, Vio-Lence, Massacre and many more.


Originally formed in 2007 by bassist Lars Knudsen and guitarist Bjørn Bihlet, with the intention of churning out some catchy Bay Area-inspired metal, Hell’s Domain was joined by Anders Gyldenøhr on drums and Alex Clausen on vocals, and band completed its lineup in 2011 with the addition of axeman, Andreas Schubert and with experience in the metal scene since the mid eightiees and 300+ shows under their belt collectively, Hell’s Domain is ready to thrash the hell outta  everything, and everyone, that comes near, with their own brand of vicious thrashing metal!!!

Hell’s Domain’s selftitled debut album is out NOW through Punishment 18 Records and Night of the Vinyl Dead.

Hell’s Domain 2015 are:

Alex Clausen – Vocals
Kræn Meier – Guitars
Lars Knudsen – Bass
Anders Gyldenøhr – Drums
Bjørn Bihlet – Guitars